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Boost your Business with Efficient Commercial ProcessesSince efficiency is key to staying competitive, we have developed several solutions at Linde Gas that translate your individual commercial requirements into tools facilitating your stock management, purchasing and payment processes

Managing your inventory, ordering products, or controlling deliveries and invoices are all important administrative activities but do not create direct value for your customers.

Balancing the need to ensure maximum commercial information with the need to maintain efficient processes with low costs is always a major concern.

With our Services tailored to the requirements of increased efficiency in your business:

  • You can simplify your commercial processes related to gas and hardgoods

  • You have a high level of transparency at your fingertips to control those costs which are related to gas.


Our Services offer:


full service solutions from Linde  With our Electronic Ordering solutions such as our web shops or customised electronic catalogues we offer state-of-the art technology to reduce the effort for ordering.
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ACCURA® Cylinder Management allows for full traceability and control of the gas cylinders you have at your site.

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