Our Vision and Policy

Capturing our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) vision in a policy that serves the interests of our customers, employees, partners and society at large.

As a customer or partner of The Linde Group, you expect a lot more than just the right products and services at the right prices. We also have a duty to ensure that our operations have minimal or no adverse effects on human health or the environment. We frame our sense of responsibility in this area in our Safety, Health, Environment and Quality (SHEQ) policy. This policy provides a defining framework for various tools and processes that steer our daily actions and approach to business in general. Above all, it embeds a sense of responsibility at a personal level. Each and every employee at Linde is individually and collectively responsible for ensuring that we meet our own standards and your expectations of us.

‘SHEQ is 100% of our behaviour, 100% of the time’ …

… both within Linde

One of the cornerstones of our SHEQ policy is the reduction or elimination of work related illnesses, injuries and incidents. Our basic tenets stipulate that all of our people must:

     - Have a safe and secure working environment
     - Understand and follow the correct systems, procedures and conduct and
     - Work within an organisation which demonstrates strong visible leadership and rewards correct behaviours.

… and beyond

We also expect people working for our partner and contractor companies to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates the highest prioritisation of health, safety and environmental care at all times.

SHEQ values are an intuitive and intrinsic part of every investment and recruitment decision, business trip and site visit we make. Regardless of whether we are at work or at home, developing or manufacturing our products, or delivering them to you, a proactive SHEQ mindset is firmly embedded into every link within our value chain. For our own sake. And for yours. 


HSE Policy 2019

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