Caring for the Environment

Not only do we actively seek to minimise the carbon footprint of our own operations worldwide, we also deliver technologies and gases that help you, our customers, minimise – or even eliminate – hazardous emissionsou to minimise any risks that may arise when your employees use our products.

At Linde, we are committed to the responsible use of natural resources, the development of clean technologies and the replacement of harmful substances with eco-friendly alternatives.

In-house action plan

At all of our production and administration sites worldwide, we are constantly looking at ways to minimise the environmental impact of our operations. Within the Gases Division, we track progress in this area by reporting on key environmental indicators.

Specific activities include:

- Site certification, for instance to ISO 14001
- Measures to cut energy consumption
- Reduction of direct and indirect greenhouse gas and other air emissions
- Waste management
- Eco-friendly management of water consumption and wastewater disposal
- Reduction of materials consumption (metal, packaging materials).

See here for further information about local in-house environmental protection projects.

Reaching out to our customers

Our gases and technologies help you achieve your ecological targets in a number of ways. Not only do we help optimise your processes, we also deliver applications to minimise the direct and indirect environmental impact resulting from the use of our products. Discover examples of applications and solutions that can help you implement your environmental protection policy. 

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