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Our SOLVOX® product line offers a wide range of oxygen dissolution and distribution systems for fresh and salt- and brackish water models.

Our SOLVOX® product line offers a wide range of oxygen dissolution and distribution systems for fresh and salt- and brackish water models. Including equipment for optimised dissolution of oxygen in water, perfect distribution of oxygenated water to the fish and dose adjustment applications for smooth and reliable adaptations to fluctuations in demand or oxygen saturation levels.

Covering the full range of oxygen supply modes, from cylinder to bulk deliveries, we can advise you on the supply scheme and control system best suited to your needs and the aquaculture system you are operating:
•    Flow-through system
•    Recirculated systems
•    Sea Cage Systems
•    Emergency and backup oxygenations
•    Fish transport
•    Delicing treatments

Assets of SOLVOX you can count on:
•    Cost-effective, flexible protection against oxygen deficiencies during peak consumption and growth periods
•    Optimised fish growth and well-being
•    Reduction in stress to fish during medication and parasite (such as amoebae) treatments
•    Optimised transportation conditions for live fish
•    Greater productivity and profitability for aquaculture farms

SOLVOX® A Low-Pressure Venturi Dissolver

A low-pressure oxygen dissolver for salt and brackish water able to oxygenate the entire water flow
SOLVOX ®A is a low-pressure oxygen dissolver for salt and brackish water that can be used in any fish tank. This patented, flexible dissolving unit is usually integrated within the pipe installation in order to oxygenate the entire water flow entering the tank. For larger tanks or raceways, installing more than one SOLVOX A unit will ensure even distribution of the dissolved oxygen throughout the entire tank.
SOLVOX A is easy to install and combines high oxygenation efficiency with low energy consumption. It further adds to the health of the fish, when displacing nitrogen with oxygen.

SOLVOX B & SOLVOX CD - Diffuser hose and ceramic dissolver 

SOLVOX ®B is a flexible, low-cost oxygenation solution that doesn’t require any power source besides the oxygen tank pressure, making it ideal for emergency oxygenation situations. The SOLVOX B is a high quality perforated hose always at the ready to produce oxygen. When the oxygen supply is turned on, the pores of the diffuser hose open, producing small bubbles, i.e. oxygen. If no more oxygen is required, the oxygen is cut off and the pores close.

SOLVOX CD is a high-performance, aluminium-housed oxygen dissolving solution. It is the ideal way to provide additional oxygenation to individual tanks or raceways and to supply oxygen in emergencies.
SOLVOX CD ceramic dissolvers produce gas in the form of micro-bubbles that start dissolving at low pressure and can also help produce an aeration/stripping effect for unwanted gases.

SOLVOX® C Pressure-Dissolving Cone

SOLVOX ® C is a pressure dissolver for fresh and sea water. Designed to increase the concentration of oxygen in water, it is made from corrosion-resistant glass-fibre-reinforced plastic (GRP) with high-quality stainless steel fittings. Various SOLVOX ® C design innovations achieve transfer efficiency rates close to 100%.
As water and gas enter the SOLVOX ® C cone from the top, the water jet forces the water to mix intensively with the oxygen bubbles. As the cone widens, the velocity is reduced. Small gas bubbles that are not yet fully dissolved rise in the cone against the downward water flow, so only water free from gas bubbles leaves the cone at the bottom. Since the SOLVOX ® C cone is operated at elevated pressure, the dissolved oxygen concentration can be increased significantly above normal saturation levels.

SOLVOX® DropIn - On-Demand Oxygenation Solution for sea cages

SOLVOX ® DropIn is a new, easy-to-deploy and highly efficient solution for the oxygenationof sea cages. It is suited to both continuous oxygenation schemes and short-term applications such as de-licing or medical treatments.
This innovative, patent-pending oxygenation solution comprises a submersible pump plus a patented oxygen dissolver and distribution system featuring a venturi nozzle. Using a small crane, SOLVOX DropIn is easily lowered into the water to the desired depth. It works by sucking water into the lower part of the dropped-in unit and mixing it with oxygen.

SOLVOX DropIn is designed for easy handling and operation, making it ideal for de-licing treatments in closed sea cages. It eliminates the hassle involved in dragging perforated hoses across the cage floor, also increasing oxygenation efficiency thanks to its innovative dissolver and distribution system.

SOLVOX® OxyStream

SOLVOX® OxyStream is a low-pressure oxygenation system for sea water, brackish water and fresh water tanks.
The system is a patented all-in-one product, which oxygenates the water and evenly distributes it around the fish tank using an adjustable flow regime. This regime aligns circulation speed with the fish species and size. SOLVOX OxyStream includes a water flow indicator, which gives you a quantitative overview of the water flow into each tank.

The microbubbles created by SOLVOX OxyStream not only allow for a highly efficient oxygen dissolving but also reduce the concentration of dissolved nitrogen and the total gas pressure of the water. This often eliminates the need for external degassing units.

SOLVOX OxyStream achieves maximum oxygen dissolving effect beginning at about 15 ‰ salinity and requires a pressure of only 0.05–0.2 bar to oxygenate the water, strip nitrogen and create optimal tank hydrodynamics for fish production. The low-pressure delivery mechanism makes the system very energy-efficient.
In fresh water installations, SOLVOX OxyStream can be combined with SOLVOX C to meet even the highest oxygenation demands.
Installed in flow-through and/or recirculating aquaculture systems, SOLVOX OxyStream now also supports the largest land-based production projects. Market momentum shows strong growth or post-smolt production projects as well as for installations enabling full grow-out of salmon and other high-value finfish in large tanks measuring up to 30 metres in diameter.
With SOLVOX OxyStream, we meet industry demand for cost-efficient oxygenation solutions in these fast-growing aquaculture segments. We deliver our portfolio either through a supplier as part of a total farm solution or directly to fish farmers.

SOLVOX® Stream Flow Distributor

SOLVOX® Stream is a flow distributor that creates a better tank environment to improve the well-being of fish. It optimises hydrodynamic conditions in the tank by ensuring that oxygenated water is homogeneously distributed throughout the tank. In addition, it aligns circulation speed with the fish species and size.
SOLVOX® Stream is designed for use in combination with oxygenation equipment such as SOLVOX® A to provide an optimum, all-inclusive oxygenation and oxygen distribution solution.
SOLVOX® Stream works by creating an even pushing force in the water column in the tank, also providing effective self-cleaning of waste such as excess feed and excrement.
SOLVOX® Stream is a customised product that can be adapted for required water flow rates ranging from 50 l/min to 20,000 l/min. For larger water flows, two or more inlets per tank are recommended, ensuring greater operating flexibility. It comes with a built-in water flow indicator so you always know how much water is going into the tank.

SOLVOX® F Oxygen Control Cabinet

SOLVOX ® F is an oxygen flow control cabinet that ensures constant oxygen levels in fish tanks by providing different amounts of oxygen at different times. It allows you to flexibly adapt the oxygen flow to variations in stocking density, feeding regime, temperature, etc. SOLVOX ® F dosing technology thus enables you to smoothly increase stock density, while ensuring an optimal feed conversion ratio and the highest possible survival rates under optimum breeding conditions.
To ensure security of supply, it incorporates an emergency oxygenation function. In the event of a power outage, solenoid valves open automatically and release oxygen to the emergency lines.

Oxygen for aquaculture – supply options 

To suit these individual needs, we offer the full range of oxygen supply modes – from cylinder to bulk deliveries, complementing these with professional services tailored to the needs of aquaculture farmers. Industrial gases can be supplied to a customer using a range of different options including cylinders. Pressure, volume and flow rate are all key factors which must be considered when determining the most appropriate and cost effective gas supply mode for you.

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