Product Stewardship

At Linde, a strong sense of product stewardship helps us manage the impact of our operations by minimising the risks posed by our products at all stages of the lifecycle – from design to disposal

Our aim is to assist you in eliminating or minimising the risks you and your neighbourhood are exposed to when you use our products. To achieve this, we identify and evaluate all safety, health and environmental hazards that our products could potentially pose at all stages of the lifecycle – from research and development through manufacturing, storage, transport, retail and usage to recycling or disposal. Guided by the principles of responsible care, we always seek to go beyond minimum legislative requirements.

Key elements in our product stewardship programme include:

New product introduction assessment - Before we launch new products, we ensure that they comply with or exceed all applicable SHEQ legislation and meet our internal standards.
Management of sensitive chemicals - We have a stringent policy governing sensitive chemicals to prevent illegal or illicit use.
Customer safety screening - We partner with you to screen your in-house safety and security procedures. This helps you to minimise any risks that may arise when your employees use our products.

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